Now you can buy our SL projector K11+ (which is part of our SLS-1 scanner package) separately. This projector is is just perfect for Structured Light scanning with DAVID!
Its unique feature is the huge focus range: We build in a special optics for focus distances from below 90mm to "infinity". This allows high-res scans of objects smaller than 50mm, but also scanning large objects is possible. We have seen no other projector that is able to project patterns fine enough for scanning even fingerprints in 3D!

ACER_K11+       ACER_K11+

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The resolution of 858*600 is sufficient for high-detailed scans, especially with DAVID's intelligent sub-pixel accuracy algorithms. The projector has various inputs, so it can be connected to any desktop or laptop computer.
Also we have improved its tripod mount, so the projector can be reliably mounted on a (mobile) scanner platform.